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Centro Cultura Attiva

Center of the active culture

Upon booking we can accommodate small groups for cultural and recreational activities in residential character.
Being located in the middle of a place of great natural beauty it is an ideal spot to partake in learning about yoga , meditation, Tai qi and all things close to your personal well being.
Two large rooms are available for these purposes  , a light and airy gym with parquet flooring and shaded outdoor areas.


Campielisi was formed to give you a continued experience of living in harmony with nature.
Founded by Sandro Selis when he was a young man with the intention of providing a place of peace and tralisnquillity where one can discover one true self and connect with nature.
As of 1986 Pedru Siligu has been the base of the Helios Cultural Association, who organised diverse cultural activities:
  • Grotowski school in particular Paratheatre with Rena Mirecka
  • Sources theatre of with Abani Biswas and  Baul of Bengala
  • Dance with Gilles Coule “ Le corp Sauvage”
  • Courses in yoga with master Claudio Scarpin
  • Tai Qi and Qi kung
  • Camp in summer for children with the Stainer school of Lugano
  • Gatka with master Gabriela Biste
  • Recently we have also included the Association  Fuego Sagrado who organis courses on the anthropology and traditions of native americans with Santiago Andrade Leon

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